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Evaluating Drone Hardware

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Evaluating Drone Hardware

Finding the right drone is not a trivial task. Our requirements were:

  • moderate pricing (max. 1000 EUR)
  • Open APIs
  • able to carry a Raspberry Pi
  • able to integrate with OpenCV
  • stable flight characteristics
  • indoor usable (limited in size, speed, agility)

We discussed our needs with a drone building expert. The recommendations were:

  • built your own drone
  • a self made drone is better for understanding the basics, how a drone works
  • a self made drone is more flexiable than a pre build, especially for spare parts
  • the bebop is just for drone starters who want to fly around and make some nice photos/videos

We considered the following models:

  • Parrot Bebop 2
  • DJI Phantom 3
  • self made racing drone on a 450 mm frame contolled by a CC3D chip
  • self made drone based on the pixhawk controller

Finally we decided to buy:

  • Parrot Bebop 2

Why did we choose it?

  • within the budget
  • sdk for contolling thr drone availiable
  • good video quality
  • stable in-room flights
  • possibility to flash the firmware for controling the drone with the ardupilot software (if the offered sdk is not enought)

See our first flight:


  • Parrot Bebop 2
  • full hd video camera
  • up to 25 min air-time
  • Pictures

First Impressions

  • easy controlling with the skymaster remote control
  • very good flying qualities
  • setting up limitations like maximum altitude or speed is very accurate

  • Video of drone flying (put on youtube, have some basic CI for the project)
  • Video from drone camera flying through the office
  • Description of first impressions TODO